At Phoenix, Tom has created the ideal space for small, structured group sessions. The sessions vary through a range of cardio and strength exercises, with Tom frequently introducing new challenges to keep it fresh.

Tom has a sound awareness of the abilities of each of his clients and how best to engage them to achieve their goals. I've been training with Tom for the past 9 years. In that time, Tom has motivated me through a successful weight-loss campaign, losing 10kg in 10 weeks.



I have been going to gyms on and off for the past 20 years but never seemed to find one which kept me motivated and interested, until I started at Phoenix Fitness & PT.

Tom has been training me for 4 years and I have seen amazing results.  I am the fittest I’ve ever been.  He switches up the workout, so that there is no chance of getting bored, and provides the right level of “friendly” motivation to push me that little bit further.

The small group size makes it a very sociable, friendly and unintimidating environment.
I highly recommend Phoenix Fitness & PT to anybody wishing to build up their fitness but prefer an alternative to a large commercial gym.


After a lifetime of starting and then abandoning gym memberships, Phoenix Fitness has managed to turn me from an occasional exerciser into a 3 sessions a week enthusiast.

It has become an enjoyable part of my life for several reasons; the sessions are 30 minutes of intense activity, no 2 sessions are identical, there are no high impact exercises, and individually designed workouts to suit my needs and limitations. And most importantly, every session is fun.


I don’t like gyms and I really dislike bossy skinny personal trainers, skinny girls in lycra and loud blaring musak.  But I do like Phoenix Fitness because this gym is different.

With some trepidation and encouraged by a girlfriend who said “you will love this place” I turned up. And I still turn up 3 times a week for 30 minutes a session, every week!!

Why?? Session times are very accessible, parking is easy, the people who come here are like me – friendly and fun, the gym is never over-crowded and Tom, despite the bad jokes, really cares and motivates us.

And the most important thing – I feel great! I feel fitter, less tired and proud of my efforts. What more could you want from a gym!! So come along, “you will love it!””


Having been a member of many gyms and tried many programs and routines, I didn't get the results I desired.

Since being introduced to Tom I have never been so pleased with what I am achieving. His training methods really push me which I now know is the difference I needed. The variety of his training and the continuous results on the scales and tape measure keep me motivated. I would happily recommend Tom to anyone.


I have been training with Tom for the past 8 years.  Prior to that I had tried many gyms and other forms of fitness training.  Tom’s training program is the only fitness training that I have ever stuck with for a long period of time. He encourages and motivates me to push myself at each session so that my fitness is always improving.

I love that Tom’s sessions have a small number of people in them so you still get personalised training but a cheaper rate than one-on-one training. 

I feel that I am the fittest I have ever been and I never thought I’d say that at my age.