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Achieve your goals faster at home, or wherever your travels take you, with Pheonix Fitness & PT's online personal training sessions.

30 mins: $30 (membership) to $40 (single)

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Want to workout at home? Or to maintain your fitness on your travels?

Phoenix Fitness & PT Personal Training online training sessions help you stay fit and healthy wherever you are. Our online personal training offers an affordable solution for clients who are looking to take their fitness to the next level – whether you are a complete beginner starting your fitness journey or elite athlete training for an event.

Overseen by a qualified personal trainer with 15+ years experience. You will be closely supervised as you work through a personalised training plan which will evolve as you become stronger, or as your needs and goals change.

Specialising in whole-body functional training, our online sessions are designed to gain maximum results in minimal time using the equipment that you have, or just using body weight excerises.  Functional training is a style of exercising the whole body which mimics day to day movements. Unlike exercise using traditional gym equipment where the movement is one directional and targets only a small number of muscle groups, functional exercises train the body through using multiple directions and using multiple muscle groups at the same time. Not only does this reduce the time needed for a workout, functional training helps reduce the risk of injury in day to day activities.

Our online training sessions are by appointment only and can be conducted by zoom, skype or other online video conferencing platforms. We offer over 75 online Personal Training appointments each week, including early morning, lunchtime and evening sessions ensuring there is plenty of choice to suit your lifestyle and needs.

We also offer Personal Training sessions in our Albert Park studio, or our mobile personal training service can come to our home, workplace or favourite outdoor training spot in the suburbs of Albert Park, Brighton, Hampton, Middle Park, Port Melbourne, South Melbourne and Sandringham.

Want to find out more about our Online Personal Training sessions? Explore our clients’ stories or discover the difference yourself with a free introductory online session and consultation.



Want to check an online Personal Training session with Phoenix Fitness & PT? New or returning to exercise and feeling nervous? Have injuries or specifc training requirements, and need the attention of a specialist? We offer all new clients an opportunity to try us for FREE. During your first session (allow 45mins – 1hour) we will undertake a health check and fitness assessment, discuss your goals, and take you through an introductory online training session. To book call us on 0432 684 677 or click 'Book Now'

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